A business concept with Business Owner Manual, Instructor Guidebook, Business forms and fliers to help you successfully launch your business and teach children, teens and adults to sew. Level 1- 4 Student Guidebooks teaches all the basic sewing techniques and includes exciting sewing projects with patterns help your students learn to sew.

Are you dreaming of your own sewing school and teaching kids, teens and adults to sew?

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Sew Southern Africa offers the largest sewing program and curriculum available for teaching children, teens and adults to sew and fashion design their own clothes.
Sew Southern Africa’s Licensed Sewing Instructors are growing by the day all over South Africa and uses our learn to sew teaching program and pattern packets for teaching kids, teens and adults to sew, in their sewing schools.
UnZip your business potential today.
If you have excellent sewing skills, enjoy teaching students, especially kids, and have been hoping for an opportunity to come your way to improve your existing sewing related business or to be the owner of your own sewing business – Sew Southern Africa’s learn to sew Teaching Program was designed with you in mind.  Many of our Licensees have changed their favourite hobby into a business that is run from their own home, business premises or sewing shop.
Sew Southern Africa’s Instructor License is two-fold:  Firstly it provides a business concept with step by step guidelines in the form of an Instructor Guide, forms and flyers to help Licensees to successfully launch their business by teaching kids, teens and adults to sew and secondly it provides student Handbook and Pattern Packets presented as a curriculum with different packets to choose from.  Each packet consists of 8-10 projects that is set out step by step in a handbook that includes a pattern in different sizes for each project.
The Program is easy to implement and the material is very user friendly.  Earn up to R400 – R800 per hour in the comfort of your own home!  Contact Sew Southern Africa today at info@sewsouthernafrica.com to find out more about the steps to own your protected area license and start your own business teaching students to learn to sew. Send us your information and SSA will send you the cost involved to become a Licensed Instructor with your own protected area.
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Wilma and Hestie
Owners Sew Southern Africa