Business Owner and Instructor Benefits

  Business Owner Manual

A unique, one of a kind proudly South African written and produced, step by step guide to assist the new I Sewing Franchisee with


    • Advice and recommendations with regards to business operations & management, financial management & marketing of a sewing school.
    • We include detailed information that is unique to South African challenges and opportunities.
    • With this manual you will be able to steer your business towards success, making use of the I love Sewing business experience and expert advice.
    • This Manual are also used to teach students about New Venture Creation and Entrepreneurship in the accredited certificate course: Garment making and manufacturing processes.

With this manual you will be guided step-by-step in a simple and practical format to set up your new business and make use of what South Africa as a developing and growing country has to offer.  With this manual any entrepreneur with excellent sewing skills can start and run his/her own business successfully.

Teachers Guide 1, 2, 3 & 4

Comprehensive & detailed instruction Guides for the Teacher that


  • Covers all the learner fields of pattern usage, measurement, pin & press, preparation, sewing techniques and projects in depth and is FP & M SETA accredited.
  • The teacher no longer has to prepare the details of each class and student learning. Everything the teacher needs to consider and accomplish in the class is set out in detailed, systematic and methodical guidelines that explain step by step what must be done.  The Franchisee can focus on making money rather than spending many hours on gathering class content materials.
  • The guide is designed by a team of South African Specialists in the field of Education & Training product development and design, led by Services SETA appointed External Moderator & Evaluator with specialized experience and skills.
  • With this tool any Sewing Teacher can start to teach sewing immediately.

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