Find your nearest I ♥ Sewing Teacher

cropped-Picture1.jpgLooking for a sewing class, sewing lessons or holiday programs 

for kids, teens and adults?

Contact the Sew Southern Africa Office to find your nearest I Love Sewing Teacher:Tel 0212000168 or send an e-mail to today!

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1-Teachers proudly display their I Sewing Sew Southern Africa Licensee certificate in their classroom.

2-Teachers are I Sewing licensed and authorized to teach and use the I Sewing Sew Southern Africa’s provided program and student materials.
3-Each student use their own original I Sewing student curriculum and patterns.
4-Students receive personal I Sewing sewing instruction.
5-Sewing machines and equipment are provided by the I Sewing teacher.
6-The I Sewing curriculum – Student Pattern Packets) are standardized to ensure the finest sewing instruction available.
7-The I Sewing method is fully guaranteed to work and teach sewing.
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