Student Advantages & Curriculum

Student Workbooks and Pattern Packets – A fun and easy way to teach Kids, Teens and Adults to Sew.                                                       

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What the Curriculum entails
The curriculum is made up of I ♥ Sewing Student Guidebooks Level 1 – 4 with unique easy and fun to use sewing patterns and step by step instructions and directions neatly set out in a printed guide, for kids, teens and adults to use.  Each student pattern packet includes multi sized clothing and project patterns and a workbook geared towards teaching students, from the age of six to twelve and teens & adults to sew.

The I SEWING Guides 1 – 4 with projects and patterns, consists of a wide variety of clothing and crafty projects. These projects and methods are designed and geared towards the beginner student of any age, starting at 6 years old. Starting with Guide 1, progressing to Guide 4, the student acquires all the skills and sewing techniques needed to become an excellent sewer.

Each Guidebook 1 – 4, is suitable and applicable for Kids, Teens and Adults to use. The only difference for Kids, Teens and Adults will be the two different sets of patterns included in the Guides, one for Kids and a different set for Teens & Adults. The Guidebooks cover easy to understand, in-depth, basic but detailed content on how to sew, techniques and projects.


The Student Pattern Packets
The different Student Pattern Packets, for Kids, Teens and Adults,  are specially designed to simplify learning how to sew, for students.  Students love to learn to sew with all the different projects each Student Guide include.  Students who want to study Fashion Design as a career, use these packets to learn to sew.  Some students stay for three to four years and after completing these student pattern packets, stay on to complete even more complicated sewing classes that some Instructors offer.  Each Student Pattern Packet consist of 7 -8  projects and can take anything between 8 to 12 months for students to complete.  The Level 1 Guide book will take an average student approximately 50 one hour lessons to complete.
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The advantages of using this Curriculum
There are many advantages to teaching with the Curriculum and the foremost to mention is that each student use their own Student Pattern Packet, cut out their own patterns according to their own size and can follow the the step by step instructions in their own workbook.    Workbook sewing instructions are set out logically, are easy to follow and is neatly bound. This helps the student to have fun and the teacher to focus on teaching and not to have to research new projects and prepare different pattern sizes every month.  With all the projects planned, printed and patterns ready to use, students and teachers can plan ahead to have fabrics and notions ready and available for their next project!
What sewing projects are offered in the Student Pattern Packets?
All other projects are mainly a selection of age appropriate clothing projects for kids, teens and adults.  Projects include some of the following to equal a variety of fabulously fun fashions; Pants, Shorts, Capri’s, Blouses, Tops, Shirts, Sweat Pants, Lounge Wear, Sweat Shirts, Exercise Wear, Nightshirts, Gathered Blouses, Gathered Skirts. The curriculum can keep a student busy for several years.  Because of the thorough knowledge and skills learned, students will have the appropriate background to move into the ‘store purchased’ commercial patterns.